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RAJARAJAN Power Systems Engineer by qualification and SEO Expert Chennai by Profession, have 5 plus years of experience in Digital Marketing and worked as an SEO analyst in Few Digital Marketing Agency. One of the most dedicated & Affordable SEO EXPERT in Chennai and offers you high-quality SEO service at affordable prices. Finish your SEO work within the committed period with 100% accuracy and purity. I am a Client-friendly SEO Consultant and always be there to fulfill all the requirements and expectations of my client. 
If you need SEO EXPERT for your Local Business in Chennai, don’t hesitate to contact me to get effective work within your budget.

Why SEO is Necessary For Small Business?

SEO is a technique which will help you to optimize your business website and page and will make your website appear firstly in the search engine result page. So this will help you to bring lots of new customers to your business at an affordable cost.
Here are some Reasons that you should know why small businesses in Chennai mostly need SEO.
  • There are nearly 400 million people in India are using the internet, out of this 60 % of people are mobile users. Most of these peoples are searching for jobs and shopping. SEO will be the cheap and best platform to attract all those people towards your business.
  • 50% of people in Chennai are using the internet to find out the better services and products that they are needed. So you need to have online to get those new customers.
  • SEO is another smart way of marketing your business on the digital platform. And most importantly it will be available for the users for 24 hours and 7 days a week. You can easily do it by building your online presence.
  • SEO is the boon for small business owners. It will get your business website in the search engine result page. So the probability of getting more and new customers is higher for you than the others. When your business website is shown on the top of the search engine result page lots of new customers who are searching for the service which you are offering would visit it.
  • People who are searching for something for shopping would always believe in what they are seeing at first. So your website at the top of the search engine result page will attract lots of people. Through the new customers and their reviews will make your brand more popular than ever before.
  • Only 40% of business owners in Chennai are utilizing online to optimize their business. So it is your time to compete with those 40% businessmen. To build a strong web presence you must have an effective SEO.
No matter the quality of the product that you are selling and the remarkable service which you are offering to people if you weren’t online how else people would know about?
Through newspaper ads? Posters? Or pamphlets? Those ancient methods of marketing have gone. Its time for you to get into online to develop your business.
No matter who you are, either Local Shop Owner or Dentist! You must need an SEO.
If you are not a techie to develop a website on your own, don’t worry! I am here to build an SEO optimized website for your business on behalf of you.

Is It Worth Hiring A Company For SEO instead of SEO Freelancer?

Hiring a company for SEO is very costly. Even if you hired a company for SEO they would allocate it to an SEO EXPERT who is working in there. He will take care of your business web page but for that, you will be asked to pay more money to the company. Some times the amount would be higher than the cost of advertising your business on a full-page cover of a leading newspaper. 
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So instead of hiring a company, you can think about a FREELANCE SEO EXPERT. The SEO EXPERT can also work on more than one SEO at a time. 
I will manage and take care of your website and will always be available to full fill your requirements, unlike a company. 
The amount you will be needed to pay for an SEO EXPERT or SEO Consultant is comparatively very cheaper than the company.

How Smartly An SEO freelancer or SEO Expert In Chennai Do SEO Step By Step?

There are certain Techniques were handling by SEO Expert in Chennai to rank on top of Google and Bing. Below are some basic SEO steps which were followed by me and other SEO Expert in Chennai for their clients.

1. Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the first thing that makes an impression on your business. Analyzing keyword is the most important factor in the optimization of a web page. The result page of a search engine listing out its results based on the keyword queries it receives. So it is very important to add more possible keywords on your website.

2. Competitor Analysis

The most important strategy to win in a competition is looking up the stronger contended and boosting up you more than him. Likewise, it is important to compare your business page with the competitors to improve the effectiveness of your website. Making websites better in every way than the competitors is the primary intention of an SEO EXPERT.

3. Unique Content

The content of the website is a very important thing that holds a visitor on your website for a long time that would result in getting a high rank. The content must have all the details that a customer would expect to know about your business, service or product. Content must be unique and easy to understand. Better content will always bring new customers.

4. User Experience

Obtain a better user experience with your website it must be easy to navigate and handle. The user should feel comfortable when they are using the website. To create a better user experience the website should be clean and uncluttered. And a talented SEO EXPERT or SEO Consultant will take care of these. 

5. Titles And URL's

 An SEO EXPERT or SEO Consultant will choose attractive titles, suitable descriptions, and URLs for your business website. The title and the descriptions are the two important factors that make a user visit your website when they are looking for the business you are offering.

6. Video Marketing

Video marketing is also a better way to improve the optimization of a website. The visual effect will be remaining in the visitor’s mind than the content in words. Visual marketing will create an effective impact on the reader’s mind which will be resulting in bringing new people to the business.

7. GMB Optimization For Local Business

GMB is the boon of local business owners given by Google. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS is free and one of the best ways to get customers from the region around where you are doing the business. GMB will notify your address, contact number to the users who needed your service in your business location. And the users can leave a review about your service in your GMB account, which will brand your service and get you raking in the list, Check my business listing page.
I will add and improve all the important features of your website. 
That will made a visitor feel that your website is the best among other competitors.

How Long will SEO Take To Start Working?

It depends on how long your website has been around and how much content is in it, what shape the website is in it. SEO is the organic process that takes little time to rank keywords.
These are the SEO factors determining the working efficiency of SEO.
  • First of all the SEO EXPERT need to find out the key word. The Key word ranks depends upon how much competition does it has when compared to other keywords.
  • After the key word strategy the technical SEO work will take place which would be like bringing modification to the website based on site audit results.
  • Creating unique content, article about your products and business will take place.
  • After creating a healthy content for your business development of a healthy link profile will take place. These steps will increase your ranking.
  • Creating unique content, article about your products and business will take place.
  • Mostly SEO will start to show the effective results after 2-6 months. But the SEO results will grow over time, whatever the result you are getting in first 3 months will definitely be grow higher in next 6 months.

Why SEO Expert Rajarajan?

As mentioned above, hiring a company for SEO is very costly. SEO Expert Rajarajan the Passionate and dedicated SEO Expert in Chennai who can manage your website potentially and Finish your SEO work within the committed period with 100% accuracy and purity.  
affordable SEO expert chennai
If you hire me, the best SEO EXPERT in Chennai, then you can get the following benefits:
  • Revenue of your small business will be more than ever.
  • The Profit of your business will increase more than what you expect.
  • New Potential customers to your Business or Store.
  • More Positive customer reviews about your Business.
  • Increased Customer and Business trustworthy.
  • Fast Growing Business.
  • Monthly and weekly comparative reports.
  • Reports contain the analysis of corresponding changes in the action plan after getting approval from your end.
  • A Proposed action plan before the commencement of every month.

How Much Cost to Hire A Freelance SEO Expert In Chennai?

There are two qualities that every small business entrepreneur is looking for freelance SEO Expert in Chennai. One is EXPERTNESS and AFFORDABLE PRICE. SEO EXPERT  RAJARAJAN is here to fulfill your expectations. I will be giving you a five start high-quality service for your affordable price. My price level is not very high as you think it would be.

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