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Low Cost SEO Services in Chennai

Chennai is one of the biggest and entrepreneur-friendly metropolitan cities in INDIA.  In Chennai, Having its own business website is crucial for an entrepreneur. Optimizing your business website will help you to withstand the giant entrepreneurs of this city.
There are millions of entrepreneurs in Chennai trying to become the millionaire of the era. They are trying very effectively in every possible way to improve their business. But only some of them are aware of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and its contribution to make a business successful.
Do you want more traffic? Want to gain more customers? SEO services in chennai is the simple solution to your questions.

Why Every Business needs SEO services in chennai

Every businessman needs to let the people know about the kind of business they are doing and the services they are offering. The website gives them a platform to expose their business in the virtual domain. It gives them a chance to connect with millions of people by investing a very small amount of money. A website alone can never make your business successful. 
The website has to reach as many people as possible to bring the benefits to your business premise. Search engine optimization is the only way which can help users to find your website in the Google result page. Search engine optimization will boost up your website and make it appear on the top of the google search, Check why your business desperately need SEO services in Chennai,


1. Trust and credibility

Trust and credibility
Users always believe in the quality of a brand that appears on the google. So optimizing your website is the only way to rank on the top of SERP which in turn will help you to won the trust of customers.

2. Long time strategy

Long term strategies
SEO is a long time strategy. SEO might take time to create a noticeable impact. But the actions which have been taken to boost up the website will last for several years.

3. Better

Better ROI
The return of investment in SEO is greater than an advertisement.  SEO is one of the cost-effective marketing strategies. because it targets users who are looking for your products and services.

4. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness
SEO can make users familiar with your business brand. User starts to trust and associate with brands because of some targeted keywords. The more your pages ranked higher the more chance you have users to see your brand and associate with it.

5. SEO impacts Buying

SEO impact buying
In recent days People who want to buy anything just need the help of google to now about the product and brand. The review under the brand or business shop creates a great impact on customer’s decisions. As I said users trust in products appears on the top of the SERP.

6. Compete with Big Companies

compete with big
Only SEO can provide small businesses with an opportunity to compete with giant businesses around them. The great benefit of small businesses is they can focus on highly local fashion and niche markets. SEO can help you to hold your reputation in your given city.

On-Page SEO

On-Page Optimizations include keyword research, AB test in Meta tag, and H1, H2 tag optimization, Keyword focus inside the content, User engagement, Mobile compatibility & Loading speed.

1. Keyword Density

Keyword density
Keyword density helps to estimate how many times we have used keywords in web page content. Keywords of a web page are very crucial for search engines to understand the content better and make it rank higher. Using more keywords will make Google treat you as keyword spamming. So, I’m here to make your content by naturally placing keywords.


2. Internal

An internal link is a kind of web page to another page or resource on the same website or domain. It can be a document or an image. It will allow users to navigate easily on the website. it helps to build an informational hierarchy, it helps to increase the optimization of a website. I will make useful and sensible interlinking within web page one and will ensure all pages are indexed by crawlers.


Alt tags are used to give naming to the images to make the search engine crawlers identify it. Adding images to the website will encourage people to read them. Google can’t able to see the image, it identifies the image with the help of ALT- tags. The alt tag of an image should describe google bot, what is on it, what exactly that the image is about. I will use keywords in Image Alt-tag. 

4. Meta

Meta Title
The page title is also known as a title tag. It appears on SERP, Search engines use page titles to recognize the content of a website. A page title is an important element of an optimized website. A page title should have a minimum character of 140 with keywords.

5. Meta Description

Meta Description
The meta description is an HTML element that briefly describes and summarizes the content of the website. In short, the snippet of the text may appear below the title tag of on search result. Using researched and targeted keywords will make meta description more effective.

6. URL Optimization

The URL is what gives an idea about the content and target of a website. A good URL must contain the keyword in it. The URL must be short and readable to the users. Adding Mobile URL  in site map will inform the search engines about the mobile-friendliness.

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Off-Page SEO

Off-Page Optimizations include social media sharing, bookmark submissions, image submissions, directory submissions, info-graphics submissions, & guest post outreach. Off-page SEO will build trust and a sense of authority.

1. Blog Submission

Blog Submission
Submitting blogs or blog post links un other famous websites will get links. Blog submission plays a key role in increasing organic traffic. Blog directories are allowed to submit our blogs and gain more exposure and get some backlinks to your website. submitting a blog on a good domain authority will boost up the link authority.

2. Social Networking

Social Networking
Sharing your website on social media is called social networking. Search engines will also evaluate your website based on its exposure to social media. Sharing the link of your web page on social media will act as a free advertisement to the age. It will reach a number of people who are using the same social media and bring customers. 

3. Press

Press release
The press release is an indirect strategy that will boost the inbound traffic on a website. Press release distribution is the service that conveys the press release to the public and target audience. The people who are looking for the news will get attracted by the content and that will increase the visitors to your web page. 

4. Forum Submission

Forum Submission
Forum submission is a way of sharing knowledge with your website name and link. In forum submission, you have to interact with other forum members and have to answer their queries with your hand full information. When you give ultimate solution forum users would like to visit your website.

5. Directory Submission

Submitting the URL link of your website on the web directory under a particular category is called as directory submission. This helps to improve the link building. Directory submission will get a high-quality number of backlinks and increase the ranking on the Search engine result page.

6. Image

Image Sharing
As we know images can convey what words can’t. People can more easily understand the words than images. Images get traffics, backlinks to websites. Images act as digital marketing of a website. people who like the image either transform into traffic or customer or both.

Our SEO Strategy

1. HTTPS Version

Blog Submission
Changing websites from HTTP to HTTPS assure a secure connection to users. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines are giving a ranking boost to secure HTTPS websites.

2. Site Structure

Social Networking
The structure of the website must be in a hierarchy form and all the contents have to be classified under categories. This method will be very helpful to users to find what they are looking for.

3. Longtail Keyword

Forum Submission
Focusing long tail keywords are very easy and effective way to increase lead. Long-tail keywords have lesser competition and more organic traffic. Long-tail keywords connect more with the content than the short and conventional keywords.

4. Social Presence

Social media exposure to a website gives more organic traffic. Domain authority also calculated by social media shares and exposure to a web-page. Social media exposure act’s as a free advertisement for a website.

5. Loading Speed

Forum Submission
User experience is the utmost important matter to focus on a website. Fast loading website provide better user experience. Website with better user experience will reduce bounce rate and increase google ranking. 

6. Quality Backlinks

The quality of link building is more important than it’s quantity. Guest post outreach, info-graphics submission, Directories listings, Bookmark submissions, Image submissions are some of the classic link building strategies.

7. Mobile Friendly

Forum Submission
User experience is the utmost important matter to focus on a website. Fast loading website provide better user experience. Website with better user experience will reduce bounce rate and increase google ranking. 

8. Google My Business

GMB let you leave the footprint of your business’s physical address in the virtual map. It will help the users to find the address of your business. People who are looking at your GMB can easily contact you through the mail and phone
We the SEO Expert Chennai dragging the attention of new business and help them to increase their business conversion rate. We are well versed with the new tools which are helpful in SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Always work very hard to fulfill the requirements of our clients. We give comprehensive solutions to our clients and help them to reach as many users as possible through SEO. We always find out new and smart ways to meet the expectations of the client. We provide best and affordable & cheap SEO services in Chennai.
promised ranking
Promised Ranking
affordable cost
Affordable Cost
Smart technique
Smart Techniques
Client friendly
Client Friendly

Our Affordable SEO Package

SEO Expert Chennai is one of the top Affordable & cheap SEO Service provider in Chennai. We make sure that the final outcome is desirable to the clients. Check our Price and details below,
ServicesPrice / Details
Price/Month8000 INR/Month
No of Keywords5
No of Pages3
No of Guest posts2/Month
Time Period3-4 Months

On-Page Optimizations

Website ErrorsYes
Content OptimizationYes
Meta Tag OptimizationYes
Sitemap SubmitYes
Analytics IntegrationYes
Webmaster IntegrationYes

Off-Page Optimizations

Article SubmissionsYes
Forum SubmissionsYes
Image SubmissionsYes
Classified AdsYes
Blog CommentsYes

GMB Optimizations

Category UpdateYes
GMB postYes
Local ListingsYes

weekly Reports

Keywords RankingYes
Traffic ComparisonYes
Upcoming PlanYes

Don't have enough budget to do SEO? Don't worry! Check my 6 SEO steps to rank your website Own

How to Do SEO on your own?

From my experience; Google rank websites based on Keywords Intent, Quality Content, Title-Tag, User Engagement, Schema Markup & Domain Authority. Let’s See, how to rank any local keywords on top of the google, bing and other local search engines on your own.
Below are simple 6 SEO steps to rank any keywords on your own.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step of any successful SEO. Finding keyword with good keyword intent, decent search volume, low ranking difficulty, & better conversion rate will cover 50% of on-page SEO strategy.
'keyword search

Keyword Intent

Keyword Intent  is user intention, user thoughts, user needs, and user mindset! Whenever a user searches for a particular keyword, Google will understand the intent of the keyword and list the best result for them. 
Just open your new window and search for the keyword “Best SEO Services in Chennai”, you can find Blog post which shows list of SEO service companies (or) website which offer best SEO service in Chennai. Because you asking google to list the companies which offer SEO services in Chennai.
Now open a new window and search for “Techmagnate SEO”, you see the official Techmagnate website and their social pages. This is what exactly the keyword intent means, finding keywords based on your services or products and your customer intention are the best part of SEO.
I Use Ahref Keyword Explorer  for my keyword research, I suggest you use the same, it’s a premium SEO tool which offers keyword research, content explorer, competitor backlink analysis and many more. If you are out of budget then, go with Ubersuggest, Ubersuggest is free All in One SEO tool by Neil Patel.

Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty

Search Volume is nothing but a total number of searches per month; in short, Average number of times the people will use the keyword in Google or Bing search engine.
search volume and keyword difficulty
Search Volume of “SEO services in Chennai” is 350, which means as per Google database, the given keyword was searched by 350 times in a month. It’s not exactly a 350, maybe the number increase or decrease, its an average count.
As per Ahref, Keyword Difficulty is calculated based number of Backlinks required to rank in the top 10 of Google result for a particular keyword, Difficulty is given out of 100, More the number it’s difficult to rank the particular keyword in Google. 
The Difficulty of the Keyword “SEO services in Chennai” is 26, it means you need 26 good natural backlinks to rank that keyword in the top 10, its sounds silly? yes; 26 backlinks is not just an exact number to rank, but you need at-least 5 – 10 good authority backlinks for your particular page  to rank that keyword.

Conversion Keywords

Conversion keywords, when a user search for particular term in Google and enters your website then purchase your product or fill your Appointment form or call your business number, then the keyword is named as conversion keywordIn short, the keyword will always Convert. 
buy SEO services online”, (or) “guaranteed SEO service” those are conversion keywords, it clearly says that the user looking to buy a SEO service for his/her business.
You can find best conversion keywords by simply entering competitors URL in Ahref and check their paid ads, if your competitor paying google for particular keywords means then that keyword is converting him to a lead.

How to choose keywords?

Keyword research
Now finalize 1 keyword from that 10 by entering one by one in the google search box,
and pick a keyword with following conditions
• Avoid Keyword that have high Domain authority results in the top 10 google list, Install MOZ chrome extension to check the domain authorities.
• Pick keyword that have YouTube results, Quora results, Reddit results and other forum results in the top 10 of google.
• Pick keyword that have WordPress, BlogSpot, WIX subdomain results in the top 10.
• Pick Keyword which have Rich snippet results.
• Pick Keyword that have GMB results, the keyword which have locations, near me terms.
• Avoid keyword that have eCommerce results like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal and others.
Check all 10 keywords and finalize 1 primary keyword, enter the keyword again in google and scroll down to the down, Pick 2 LSI Keywords from google search Suggestions. LSI – Latent semantic indexing, the keywords that have same terms of your primary keyword.
Enter the primary keyword again in Ahref keyword explorer, scroll to related question terms and choose 5 to 10 keywords which have questions terms. QA keywords are found from Google result “People also ask
question keywords
Finally, you have 1 primary keyword, 2 LSI keywords and 5 to 10 Question keywords. 90% QA keywords will never end to leads, because users searching for QA keywords will only looking for an answer, they don’t want to buy your product or service, but those kinds of keywords will help to increase organic traffics.
So, choose the keywords with good search volume, low ranking difficulty, conversion rate and good user intent.

2. Content is the King

Many SEO Geeks say, content is the king of SEO; Am saying the same, Google ranks the website based on content length and content quality.
content is king

Content Length

Just like this page, writing quality content will cover the remaining 50% of all successful On-page SEO strategies. Content marketing plays a crucial role in 2020 SEO, write content with more than 2500 words which cover all related subtopics, try to answer for all user queries.
As per Nathan Gotch, the website with bigger content will rank 90% top than the website with less content. In a meantime rewriting or spinning content from another website will lead to penalize the website by Google.
As I said before, Choose 1 primary keyword and 5 to 10 QA keywords for a single page, mix the content with both stories and answers as well as with sales pitch. Wider content with interesting answers will keep the users more time inside the website; this also will reduce the bounce rate and increase the ranking.

Content Quality

How Google calculates the quality of the content? How does it decide that the content on the page is quality or not? Leave Google; how you think that content on any other website is quality?
While reading If you are more liked the content (or) you read the entire page without any distraction (or) you interested in sharing good feedback in the comment section (or) if you share that piece of content in social media, then obliviously the content is Good & Quality, 
Likewise, Google decides the piece of content is quality based on several user engagements and their psychological thoughts.
Google picks the quality content page and ranks them in top of the search result based on the following terms,
• How long that the user stay on the particular page?
• What kind of actions that the user has done on the page?
• How positively the users comment on the page?
• How more that users share the piece of content on social media platforms?
• How many people like the content in social media?
• How people actively engaging in the page and visit another relevant page of that site?
So, Create social media pages(Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) for your business, invite all your friends and family to your social pages, share your content on all social media pages.

3. Attractive Meta Tag

Title tags are nothing but the text which appears on the Google search result page when we enter the particular keyword. When you enter the keyword like “SEO for Dentist in Chennai” Google will analyze its database and list the top result which has the same keyword term in Meta title and description.
Meta tags
Use keywords naturally in the Meta title and description, If your website is developed in WordPress, then use Yoast, All in SEO or Rank math plugins to update your meta tag.

4. UX User Experience or User Engagement

UX is how actively users surf on your page; if the page loads slow, the user will suddenly go away to the next search result. This will indicate Google that the page is not user-friendly and Google moves this search result page down.

How to make the users to stay focused on the website?

As I said before, longer content leads the user to stay for a long time on the page. 
• Create a long piece of engaging content.
• Answer several questions that the users need to know the answer to it.
• Reduce page size and increase loading speed.
• Add breadcrumbs and sliding menu bar, this will help users to easily navigate to another page inside the website.
• Create more service page, location page, Gallery page, and Blogs. This will lead users to surf more time inside the website.
• Interlink all possible pages with one another.
• Make a homepage with a contact form, call button, mail options, physical business address. 
Make sure all users to feel comfortable while surfing the website. As an SEO Expert with WordPress development knowledge, I suggest every business create websites on WordPress and choose fast loading themes and Plugins.

5. Domain Authority

Domain authority (DA) is how trusted that the website is? Domain Authority is calculated based on the domain age, Domain Backlinks profile, website content & social shares. The term DA is only introduced by the MOZ SEO tool not even by Google but it still plays a major role in Google ranking factors.

How to Increase DA to rank website?

Most SEO Experts think that the X number of Backlinks delivers fast rankings, they simply creating Backlinks in the form of Bookmark, image submissions, local directories, & spam copied comments. Quality is more important than quantity, so check 
 Your backlinks are indexed and crawled by Google or not? 
 Check obtained backlinks are do-follow or no-follow?
Here is my few ideas to increase Domain Authority;
• More Social Shares
• Do Natural Interlinking
• Improve Brand Awareness
• Gain High Authority Backlinks
• Remove Low quality Links
• Increase Loading Speed
• Mobile friendly Website
• Better User Experience
As per 2020, Backlinks are from high authority sites from Wikipedia, WordPress, medium, Reddit, Quora will not only enough to rank. Backlinks from relevant pages with more referral traffic are a simple SEO formula to rank at the top of the Google search result.
So, choose the relevant sites or blogs, then contact the owners and ask them to link for your website in exchange for guest post article.
Domain Authority
Find suitable forum pages such as Quora or Reddit and then answer for the questions along with website URL and make sure that your answers stay on top of the forum page. This will deliver more referral traffics to your site.

6.Rich Snippets - Schema Markup

Rich Snippet is a Google result with more data, it feeds users with additional data’s, When users search a particular keyword, Google will list the top 10 results on the first page, along with Google ads and 1 extra Featured rich result. Rich Snippet’s result is more eye-catchy and helps websiite to increase the click-through rate, get more details about rich snippets here.

Most Common type of Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are in different forms like paragraph type, list type & table type. Featured rich snippet result pulls data’s from structured data of the page. There are several types of structured data’s some given below,
Structured Data Type
• Person
• Organization
• Review
• Product
• Recipe
• Local Business

How to get listed in Google Rich Snippet result?

 If you have wordpress website, then there are several plugins which helps to add schema without any coding knowledge. Use All in One Schema Plugin or Yoast SEO Plugin to optimize the page with necessary schema type and tell the Google that your pages are ready to list in the featured rich snippets.
Person or Organisation schema type – Install All in one schema markup plugin to your WordPress dashboard, open a particular page that you want to add schema choose the schema type. If you are an organization? then choose organization type or if you are a person then choose person schema type and fill all other necessary details. 
 FAQ Schema –  Yoast SEO plugin or Ultimate Blocks plugin allow you to create different FAQ with schema markup.  Answer each and every questions which you have collected from your keyword research. FAQ with Schema markup will create good impression for users and make them to click your result.  
FAQ schema
Save  and  check your page with a structured data testing tool, whether your rich snippet plugin and configurations are working or not. Whenever you make any changes in your page, don’t forgot to inspect the URL in search console.
As per latest Google update Featured snippet results are shown only once in the top 10 search result, its seams little backlog to SEO. Anyway, Add necessary schema markup and inform Google that your page is ready to list in the top featured snippet result.
These are the 6 SEO factors that every Business website must follow to rank on top of Google search results for any local potential keywords in Chennai.

Free Usefull Sources for SEO

Local Directories and Classified Ads are the top useful free resources for all businesses and startups in Chennai. Register with all top local listings, classified sites and list your business. Below are some of the top free local listings and classified sites that every business must aware of it
• Google My Business
• Bing Business Place
• Facebook Business Page
• Crunchbase Business Listing
• Just dial Local Listing
• India Mart Local Listing
• Sulekha Local Listing
• OLX Classified Ads
• Quiker Ads
• Locanto Classified Ads
Most of the sources listed above are free, some may charge you to choose their premium functions, but still, they offer basic free facilities which will help your business to reach more local customers online.

Who can Do SEO?

When you search this question on google, most developed digital marketing websites say “SEO is not just like website development or PPC. We can’t calculate SEO cost by using a calculator” and some few rich Fake Geeks say “SEO is God’s Job only PRIEST can do it”“Don’t Choose cheap SEO service It will lead to Google Penalty” and convince business owners to buy their non-affordable SEO services. 
Cheap and affordable SEO
No, anyone can learn SEO, anyone can rank keywords, If you really passionate about business and want to rank your website? start learning and experimenting on your own. 

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO cost vary from campaign to campaign, its depend on the following factor,
• How many keywords you willing to focus on?
• Which location do you want to rank?
• Did you look for Social media marketing?
• Does your competitor is on SEO?
• Do you need to create a new website?
If you do SEO on your own; it may cost very low and you don’t have to pay anyone for your business online presence. Check my real-time cost analysis for SEO
If you don’t have time to do SEO on your own, hire SEO Expert Chennai. Our team will handle all part of SEO.

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