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Local SEO Services & GMB Optimization for Small Business in Chennai

Does your small business, services, or products need to be in top of Google when customers searching for it in Google? Then you should need Local SEO...

Fifteen years ago people were used to go to bazaar and visit each and every shop to get to know about the quality & price of the products that they needed. But the millennial become so smart from then, they just Google about the products and from where they can get it. That’s why LOCAL SEO Services in Chennai becomes inevitable. 
Before you dive into any conclusion! Just keep reading and understand everything about Local SEO in Chennai and why it’s necessary for your business.

What is Local SEO in Chennai?

If you have a small Business like local shop or having office, you can make people visit your place frequently by creating & optimizing a website and Google My Business Page. Even though if you are not getting more audience in your office, but targeting people who are living in same geographical area like Chennai through optimizing website is called Local SEO.
The Local SEO is briefly called Local Search Engine Optimization, some time it also called as Local Search Engine Marketing. LOCAL SEO can place your business in a better position and will help to promote what you are offering to the local customer especially when they are looking for your type of business.
Unlike the other traditional advertisement like news papers, posters, pamphlets, etc., LOCAL SEO Chennai will help you to reach the potential customer when they needed you. LOCAL SEO will notify about your company or profession and the services or products which you are selling to the people who are living in your business region like Chennai and this would help you to improve the growth of business.

How does LOCAL SEO works in Chennai?

Whenever search queries include a location like ‘Chennai’ or the term ‘near me’ the search engine would understand and will give its lists based on location. Examples: ‘Restaurant near me’, ‘Dentist in Chennai’, ‘Exports near Tambaram’
The results of this keyword would contain the list of Restaurants who are serving around the user and the dentist who are offering service in Chennai Area. Local SEO will help you to attract lots of local customers even from some miles distance.
To get all this benefits, you must need to do SEO for your Business, for that you need not to be a millionaire or the biggest entrepreneur of the city.
Believe us investing some amount of money in LOCAL SEO will definitely enough to make you a millionaire of the city.

Why small businesses in Chennai need LOCAL SEO Service?

Chennai is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in INDIA. To compete or to be able to withstand with giant entrepreneurs in this city is not quite easy. But LOCAL SEO service will help you to stand unique among all other small businesses.
As of 2020, there are more than 1 Lakh Businesses such as shops, stores, hotels, Jewelry, Dress shops, etc. that exist in Chennai. Among those, few are running successful, because of Popularity.
People always love to buy products or services only in popular places. Even if your products are worth and affordable; the user will not go for you, because they need attractive advertisements; SEO is the Digital Advertisement for small businesses in today’s modern world.
Because you are a small business and lack of cash, you have no option to buy high CPC Google or Facebook ads or to run fancy TV ads like Sarvana stores or Joyalukkas.
To get succeed among your competitors, every small businesses in chennai need SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Here I’ve given the statistics of LOCAL SEO which will help you to understand the importance of LOCAL SEO for small businesses:-
To attract these enormous number of local search users you must be in LOCAL SEO. 
Just choose me to handle all part of your LOCAL SEO at an affordable cost.

What is Local Citation and its type ?

What is Local Citations?

A Citation is any place where your business NAP (name, address, phone number with website) information is appears together.

Structured Citations

The structured citations appear in business listing with the structured form of address, website, and phone number.

Unstructured Citations

The unstructured citations are results of social media where in your business NAP is visible and connected to a website. 

Some important citations for Small Business

Google My Buisness

Facebook Business Listing

Business Directories

Social Media

Classified Ads


Local Listings

These are the few important Citations that will help all Business to increase their online presence and sales.

What is GMB (Google My Business)?

Google My Business is a platform given by Google map. After marking your business location in Google map your business will be listing out in the Google search page.
Local SEO Services in Chennai

How does Google my business help’s in LOCAL SEO?

It helps your Business in following ways,
If you are a small business and can’t know where to start, you can start with Google my business listing and optimize it.
Don’t hesitate to approach me; I will take care of it on behalf of you at Affordable Cost.

How to Set up Google my business for LOCAL SEO?

Hope, now you have some general ideas about Local SEO, bellow are some basic Local SEO steps which were followed by many SEO Experts for their clients.

Create Account

In this first step you need to sign up on GOOGLE MY BUSINESS and create new listing, and then enter your business name.

Enter Location

In this step you need to enter your business location(Country city, street and pin code must be entered).

Mark Location

Now you have to mark your location in Google map. You can drag and zoom the map to your convenient level. Make sure that you marked at where your business is exactly located.

Add Category

In this step you need to mention your category which will help the users to find out whether if they are looking for a business like yours. Then add your contact details, which will help the users to contact you.


Customize your listing by adding photos of your business floor, your company logo, off days, working hours etc., This information’s will be updated in your listing after the verification  is done.


Google will verify your business location by sending a postal card. To complete this verification process you will have to wait for 12-15 days.

How to Optimize Business to increase online presence?

Hope, now you have some general ideas about Local SEO, bellow are some basic Local SEO steps which were followed by me and other SEO Experts for their clients.

1. Optimize Website Header

Optimize the website header with NAP (name, address, phone number) which you have given in Google My Business. This would help the customer to easily contact you.

2.Create content with targeted local search keywords

Create more content about your business with more possible local search keywords which would help the website to be appeared in the search engine result page list when customer or user needed your service.

3. Optimize Meta tags with location keywords

Title tags and Header tags are most important place to put keyword and which are too important to make a customer to visit your website when they are searching for the business which you are providing. Using the perfect keywords and phrases will help the prospective customer can easily understand it when they are searching.

4. Create separate location pages

If your business operates more than one physical location, then create unique and separate page for each one, which will help your customer to avoid conflating the contact information between various locations of your same business.

5. Add Local Business Schema Markup in the Website

Add Local business schema markup with your Google my Business to the website. This will help the Google search engine to understand your GMB page and website are related.

6. Creating Google my business pages

Create GOOGLE MY BUSINESS  with the name, phone number, address and the email id of your business as mentioned above.So, that your business will be listed in the search engine result when someone searching for the business that you are providing and it will be appeared when someone queries it with the exact location.
Optimizing and Adding Additional details in Google MY Business Page will help to rank top of the google search engine. Optimization includes the following,
Add the categories like hotels or textiles or whatever the business you’re doing to the GOOGLE MY BUSINESS. So, that people who needed your business will know easily about what type of service you are providing.
Attach the UTM code with your website in Google my business website URL. Which will enable the Google analytics to tell you what made the searchers to visit your business website or which campaign have directed them to your business website.
Add business hours and service location and description in GOOGLE MY BUSINESS. So that it will be more informative for the users who needed your service.
Update new photos of your business floor and the product you are selling also upload the event picture of your company. These photos will attract lots of customers and would bring in new customers to the store.
Encourage customers to write positive reviews in Google my Business review page. These reviews will build trust of your business among the customers. So, your website would automatically appear in top of Google.

7. Create More Local Citations

Create more local citation for the business with the same name, address, phone number and website URL and update it regularly to improve the local search presence.

8. Social Media Engagement

Post interesting things about the business offers, pictures and events on social media’s like Facebook, Instagram, twitter , LinkedIn and more.
I know you have to take care of your business and family, you don’t have enough time to do this part.
Hire me to handle all kind of Local SEO for your small business.
Still there are many more secret SEO techniques handle by me for my clients, which are not meant to share in public.

How much does LOCAL SEO Service Cost?

Hiring big SEO Company for Small business entrepreneurs is not much possible with their budget. If you are a Startup having Low budget for Digital marketing, then I suggest you to hire SEO Expert like me.
Unlike others I understand my customers and do it for very reasonable price which is definitely affordable for all Small Business.

If you are in need of LOCAL SEO, hire me!

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