6 Best Group Buy SEO Tools in India 2024

best group buy seo tools india

Do you have a start-up blog or website which you want to rank on google with the help of SEO tools at a low cost? If you’re looking for the best SEO Group Buy Tools and you need help finding them, I’ll give you a list of the six best group buy SEO tools in India.

Let’s face it; premium SEO tools cost at least 10,000 rupees per month, and we’re not going to spend ₹10,000 per month on a single SEO tool. For bloggers who aren’t earning much, it’s really expensive to pay 10,000 ₹ for premium SEO tool. This is the reason why most smart bloggers like me consider buying Group Buy SEO tools in India.

You’ve probably heard about SEO tools for group purchases; if not, let me explain it. Group Buy SEO Websites buy Premium SEO tools directly from official websites and share their access to multiple users with certain limits and conditions at a low cost. 

They are very cheap in comparison to the cost of SEO tools from official websites. At the same time, these group buy SEO websites permit users to access the premium tools with certain limits and quotas per day. 

How Do Group SEO Tools Work?

As I mentioned above, these Group Buys SEO tool provider buy all tools from official websites and resell them to individual bloggers and webmasters for a very low price. 

Let me explain the same in the cinematic way you understand, imagine four people named Surya, Yash, Prabhas, and Salman.

  • Surya is the CEO of the SEO tool company, Ahref.
  • Yash is a smart businessman who manages the below-mentioned Group SEO Tool Websites.
  • Prabhas and Salman are bloggers and digital marketers like us.

In day-to-day business life, Surya wants to sell the Ahref to a bunch of people like Prabhas and Salman. But his tool is so too expensive to buy for Prabhas and Salman.

Here is where the business opportunity comes in. Rocky Bhai (Yash) took this opportunity and buy the Ahref from Surya by paying the whole 10,000 rupees and selling the same to several Prabhas and Salman for 1000 rupees each.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Buy SEO Tools

For bloggers like us, SEO tools are very crucial. Starting from keyword research to competitor backlink research, one should seek the help of those tools. Here are some advantages of buying SEO tools from the group buy Websites

  • Very Low Price, 10 X times less when compared to the original price.
  • Pay in Indian rupees, and avoid currency conversion charges.
  • Access all our preferred tools from one dashboard.

However, with all the above advantages, there are some disadvantages; for instance, you aren’t able to create or save your projects in Ahref/SEMrush. It means you can only able do keyword research, traffic research, and competitor backlink research. You can’t able create new projects and add your keywords list for daily rank checks.

Why Buy Group SEO tools from the below Websites?

These services come with a variety of tools that are listed on the website, including keyword research tools, backlink analysis tools, Competitor research tools, Rank tracking tools, graphics design tools, content AI tools, video-making tools, stock image tools, and many more. 

These group-buy tools are not just affordable; they are also combo packages that offer a mixed package of several tools at a very affordable price. You can purchase any of your preferred tools for between 200 and 1000 rupees.

As an experienced blogger, I should warn you that; there are numerous fraud group buy SEO tools available in the Indian market. You should be aware of such tools before buying them. Some of them are very expensive but offer poor customer support. You may get frustrated with tool downtime problems.

So, I recommend all new bloggers buy SEO tools from the below-mentioned group buy SEO tools to avoid problems.

Who am I? What makes me qualified to suggest these tools?

Myself, Rajarajan – a passionate digital marketer with 6+ years of experience in ranking websites and helping brands to get sales and leads.

I am an engineering graduate; I did my master’s degree in power systems engineering. Since my college, I have been more interested in blogging, so I turned my career into a digital marketing path. I am currently working as a digital marketing manager in a reputable digital marketing agency in Chennai.

As a part-time SEO freelancer, I help local business to rank their websites and GMB pages on the google search engine. Also, I run five plus affiliate sites on multiple niches, which earn me around 50 to 60 thousand rupees per month.

In my six years of digital marketing experience, I used 10 different group SEO Tool service providers. Based on that experience am suggesting this list to all my readers.

List of 6 Best group buy SEO tools in India

There are a lot more group buy SEO Tools available in India. Most of them are useless or fraudulent. I don’t want to confuse you by giving a list of 29, 50, or 20 websites. So, I list 6 cheap and best Group Buy SEO tools below.

  1. SEO Tool Adda
  2. ToolzBuy
  3. SeoToolBuy
  4. Supreme SEO
  5. Tools Ninja
  6. Flikover

1. SEO Tool Ada 

SEO Tool Adda is one of India’s best and most affordable group-buy SEO tools. It offers 20 plus SEO tools at a low price with the promising server uptime and polite customer support. In SEO Tool Adda, a single tool price starts from 149 Rs to 249 Rs. They also offer two combo packages with the price range of 599 Rs and 1599 Rs. 

At 599, you can access 19 tools plus 10 testing tools, except for Ahref. For Ahref access, you have to buy a combo package worth 1599 Rs.

I have been using this tool for the last 1.5 years; I have never faced server downtime or quota exhaust issues. Because all the tools come with multi-server options, you can choose tools from the different servers if one gets daily limit exhaust.

You can get a full refund if the tools are not working continuously for three days. For stable and stress-free access, you should go with SEO Tool Adda. Click the below link to buy SEO tools from the original SEO Tool Adda website.

Tools available in SEO Tool Adda:

Ahref, SEMrush, Moz, Kw Finder, Stock Unlimited, SEM Coop, Word Ai, Keyword Revealer, Buzz Sumo, que text, Canva, Grammarly, Alexa, Woo Rank, Linda, SkillShare, Pick Monkey and many more.

Using Ahref in SEO Tool Adda:

Since Ahref’s added many restrictions to all users, all group tool providers increased the price of Ahref tools. Among all, SEO Tool Adda serves Ahref at a possible low cost. You can access Ahref and all other available tools by paying 1599 Rs.

SEO Tool Adda allows users to do 30 unique competitor domain research and 25 unique Keyword research per day. If you search the same domain twice, then you will be counted as 1. 

Also, SEO Tool Adda allows users to access most tools on multiple servers, which means they buy multiple Ahref/SEMrush premium accounts and serve them to the users through multiple servers. You can enter SEMrush/Ahref dashboard from any available server. If their limits (their daily quota, not your daily quota) exhaust in one server, you can use the other one. This way, you can use your full quota without interruption. 

In addition, the SEO Tool Adda Ahref account has been used by most people; they have already updated their searched data, so you get the most results within a second. These features are not available in other Group SEO tools; that’s the reason I am suggesting SEO Tool Adda as the first position.

Beware about duplicate dot extensions of SEO Tool Adda Sites, to buy SEO Tools from original website, click the bellow link.

2. ToolzBuy

ToolzBuy is one of the cheapest SEO group tools available in India. It offers Pro Plan at 449 Rs, including SEMRush, Moz, Ubersuggest, Canva Pro, Pick Art, Spy Fu, Magisto, Amazon prime, and many more. For start-up bloggers, Semrush, Grammarly, and Canva pro are enough to rank keywords in google.

The unique thing about ToolzBuy is; it offers a combo package for both writers and designers. If you are a content writer, you can choose a writer’s pack with several writing tools. You can choose a designer’s pack with several design tools if you are a designer.

The disadvantage is the need for Ahref; they don’t offer Ahref for users. I used the SEMrush individual tool for a few months; it was decent and allowed me to do 20 keywords and 20 domain research per day, so it was good to go for start-up bloggers with less budget.

3. SEO Tool Buy

Next to ToolzBuy, SEOTOOLBUY is the cheapest and best Group SEO tool in India. It offers a basic plan at 799 Rs, including SEMRush, Kwfinder Moz, Long Tail Pro, Canva Pro, Crello, Spy Fu, Magisto, and many more. It also has All in One Plan, which includes all tools from the basic plan plus Ahref at 3499 Rs.

I have used Ahref SEOToolBuy for more than 12 months. It allows us to do 40 reports per day, either keyword research or domain research. Sometimes the keyword data’s loads slowly, and you need to refresh every time. Compared to ToolsBuy, SEOToolBuy is better; if you are a start-up blogger and won’t care about spending 250 Rs extra, then SEOToolBuy is the tool for you.

Like other service providers, you must install 2 Chrome extensions to access the SEO tools.

4. Supreme SEO

Supreme SEO is one of India’s best and high-priced group SEO tool providers. The biggest disadvantage of this service provider is a number of tools they offer. Combo packs include SEMRush, Majestic, Moz, Article forge, Kwfinder, Word Ai, Grammarly, Canva, Spy Fu, & Skill Share.

Their combo packs without Ahref cost 1700 Rs, and with Ahref cost 2400 Rs. Compared to the other service provider, Supreme SEO is India’s second costliest Group SEO tool behind Flikover. Supreme SEO Ahref pack allows us to do 15 Domain research and 30 Keyword searches per day. It’s significantly less in number than the above three services.

I used Supreme SEO Ahref and Kwfinder few times, and it was good in terms of data loading and fetching. I contacted their Facebook support once, and they responded pretty fast, but I only got a rude response. It’s only the best choice for bloggers who earn decent money and are willing to spend a few bugs on quality Group SEO tools.

Supreme SEO

5. Tools Ninja

Like Tools Buy, Tools Ninja is one of India’s cheapest group SEO tools. It offers a three-day free trial to test the tools without paying a single rupee which was not provided by any other group seo websites in India.

You can buy bloggers package at just 379 Rs, which includes SEMRUSh, Mangools (kwfinder), Uberrsuggest, Article Spinner, PicktoChart, Grammarly, Story-base, Spin-rewriter, Woo Rank, Long Tail Pro, Spy-fu, Skill Share, Canva & Moz Pro plus 10 bonus testing tool.

Tools Ninja provides complete security for privacy with cloud-based access and 24/7 customer support. Most of their tools run with 99 percent uptime and without any issues.

Tools Ninja

6. Flikover

Flikover is the founding family of Group SEO tool Providers. They are like the Apple IPhone of the Group Buy SEO Industry. Some rumours say they are the monopoly of Group Buy SEO tools; they own most group buy websites under different names and sell the same services on different price ranges.

Flikover SEO tool prices cost much greater than any other tool in India. Flikover combo pack with Ahref cost 2500 Rs.  If you have more money and don’t know where to spend it? Then Flikover is your choice.

In 2018, I used the Flikover Ahref continuously for more than 20 months without any interruption or issues. It allows me to do 20 domain and 40 keyword searches (old daily limit, now it was reduced to 20 & 20).

But once they got more customers, they reduced the daily limit without giving any information to old users, I contacted their support team, and they said they were offering the same daily limit. But my daily quota got finished so earlier every day.

Also, I faced issues with the Ahref link explorer dashboard; it kept redirecting me to the content research tab when I entered the domain name most time.

In Flikover, you must install 2 chrome extensions to access all tools, it was standard on all other websites. But with Flikover; I faced more glitches while browsing other websites. So, I stopped using Flikover and even wrote about this issue in Quora.

I got threatened by someone to remove my review in Quora. The funny part is, he said, “They (Flikover) want me to show you the same blood if you don’t remove your Quora review.”

Flikover combo

Which is the cheapest group SEO tool provider?

Of the above-mentioned 6 group SEO tools, Toolz Buy is the cheapest. It offers Pro Plan at 449 Rs which includes SEMRush, Moz, Ubersuggest, Canva Pro, Pick Art, Spy Fu, Magisto, Amazon prime and many more. For start-up bloggers, semrush, grammarly, and canvapro are enough to rank keywords in google.

On the other hand, SEO Tool Adda provides 20+ necessary SEO tools at just 599 rs that, include tools like Kwfinder, Word Ai, Spyfu, Longtail pro, and many more. One can research and find good low-competition transactional and informational keywords with the use of those keyword tools.

Which is the best group SEO tool in India?

As of 2023, SEO Tool Adda is the best and most affordable SEO tool in India. How come??

All these tools come with certain limits and quotas. For example, you can do 20 keyword research and 25 Competitor research per day on Tools zap Ahref. It’s even lesser in Toolzbuy tools.

Sometimes you can face daily limit exhaust issues with those sites even though you haven’t searched a single domain or keyword on that day. In that case, you have to wait for 24 hrs for the daily quota refresh.

But SEO Tool Adda offers 30 competitors domain research and 25 Keyword research per day with a multi-server option, which means they buy multiple Ahref/SEMrush premium accounts and serve them to the users through multiple servers. You can enter SEMrush/Ahref dashboard from any available server. If the tool limits exhaust in one server, you can use the other one. In this way, you can use your full quota without any interruption and don’t have to wait for 24 to 48 hours to complete your work.

Which is the worst Group SEO tool provider in India?

Frozenfry.com; Once I purchased Ahref from them, I didn’t get any access to the Ahref dashboard after payment. I contacted their support team through the mail and created several tickets in their dashboard. No use; I was so frustrated for a few days and wrote reviews in Quora and Trustpilot.

Now, frozenfry.com was redirected to Toolstoon.com; I am not sure they are the same, but I don’t recommend anyone to risk buying them.

How to Buy and access these Cheap Group SEO Tools online?

You can buy these tools directly from the above-mentioned website. Each website offers an option to buy a single tool or as a package. You can choose based on your preference; once you have added your list to the cart, then proceed to the payment using your card, UPI, or wallet. Just like buying a t-shirt.

After purchase, you can access the tools directly from their dashboard. Some tools need extensions to access; you have to install their chrome extension to use their tools. No need to worry about those extensions; it’s only to control the daily usage limits. You can access these tools by using a Chrome Extension that you will find on the instructions page.

Is it safe to use Group SEO tools?

Yes, it is! It’s always safe to use Group SEO tools. Some rich so-called “digital marketers” says that Group buy SEO tool admins steal user’s data by using their extensions. I have used most of those tools since 2014; I would blindly say that those are rumours created by Premium Tools like Ahref/Moz/SEMrush to protect their sales.

Website admins can’t able steal user’s privacy data’s using their extensions; because the extensions are completely controlled by google chrome. Still, if you are afraid to install those extensions, then let me give you a simple solution.

  • Create a fresh email id.
  • Create a new user in the chrome browser using that email.
  • Now install those extensions within your new chrome browser tab.
  • Browse this chrome tab only to use the Group SEO tools.

In this way, you are safe and stress-free about your privacy data.

Buy Best Group Buy SEO Tools In India

Thanks for spending time reading my article. I hope you like my article “top 6 group buy SEO tools in India“. Kindly comment with your thoughts and share this article within your circle.

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