Flikover Review by Rajarajan – It’s Worth to Try in 2024?

Flikover review

Are you a start-up blogger or digital marketing freelancer looking to buy a Flikover group buy SEO tool, and are you still determining the authenticity of Flikover and need clarification on reading several paid, over-rated Flikover reviews?

Some google ranked “Flikover review” blogs say Flikover is the best and most affordable group buy SEO tool in India. I’m afraid I have to disagree with them because either their blog was written before 2020 or in exchange for money from Flikover owners.

If you don’t trust me, then read real-time user reviews from Quora and Trustpilot.

Let me explain further in this post why I recommend something other than Flikover to buy Group SEO tools in India. Before we dive deep, kindly understand that I am writing this blog only after my 12-month experience with Flikover.

Reviews of Flikover are primarily negative, with users complaining about the high cost and delaying rude support, which was 3X higher than the competitor’s websites.

Also, some users have reported issues with account access uptime and their chrome extensions.

Flikover provides a single group SEO account (Ahref) to different users simultaneously. When their daily limit is exhausted, the users can’t use the tool until their limit refreshes, typically 24 hrs.

You can’t complain about this issue as an urgent dispute because there is no live chat or call support from Flikover. Even if you complain the same in Facebook chat, you expect some rude response asking us to read the policy and Faqs.

On the other hand, most users feel that the Flikover extensions are stealing their privacy data like social account passwords, browser search history, and shopping cart lists.  I felt the same.

Overall, Flikover is an option for mid-size business owners looking to access various SEO, Design, and Writing tools at a high price.

Did you ever get threatened for writing reviews online?

After my worst experience with Flikover, I wrote my review about Flikover tools and support on Quora. You can find my Quora review if you search “Flikover review” on Google.

After a few weeks, I got a WhatsApp message from some number threading me to remove my Quora review. He said, “Remove the review, or they asked me to show you the same blood.

It was the funniest quote I had ever heard in my real life. I laughed so hard for a week. Ok, Leave the joke, let’s answer some common questions about Flikover.

What is Flikover?

Flikover is a group buy SEO tool provider that buys premium SEO tools and sells them to multiple individual bloggers and digital marketers.

Anyone can purchase SEO tools from Flikover and access them from their chrome browser. To access the purchased SEO tools from chrome, you need to install 2 Unsecure Chrome extensions, which were not recommended by Google chrome.

How Flikover Works?

Like other SEO Group Tools, Flikover buys all premium SEO tools directly from the official website and sells them to several individual bloggers for a high cost. Let me explain the same in a more conventional and understanding way.

Kindly imagine four people named Dhanush, Sudeep, NTR, and Sharukh.

  • Dhanush is the CEO of the SEMrush SEO tool company.
  • Sudeep is an Illegal businessman who manages the Flikover.
  • NTR and Sharukh are bloggers and digital marketers like us.

Dhanush wants to sell the Semrush SEO tools to several digital marketers like NTR and Sharuk. But his tool cost so high to buy for NTR and Sharuk.

Sudeep used this opportunity and bought a single SEMrush premium account from Dhanush and sold them to multiple NTR and Sharuk at a high cost through his Flikover website.

The above example will explain how Flikover makes money from premium SEO tools.

How to Access SEO tools in Flikover?

To access SEO tools in Flikover,

  • Users need to Login/Signup with their website by verifying their email id.
  • Once logged in, you must choose your desired package and checkout.
  • After successful payment, you must click the “click here to access” button.

It will force you to install two unsecure chrome extensions. After installation, you will get limited access to your SEO tools.

It’s safe to install Flikover Extension?

To access SEO tools, the user has to install two unsecure chrome extensions. Flikover stated that the extensions are only to share account access to multiple users and limit the user’s daily quotas.

But most real-time users stated that the extensions steal their privacy data like social account passwords, browser search history, and shopping cart lists.

From my 12-month experience, I felt the same.  Also, I faced some glitches while browsing some websites with these extensions. Once I was blocked from accessing Moz and Kwfinder official free searches because of these extensions.

So, installing Flikover extensions in your primary chrome browser is unsafe.

How to contact Flikover customer support?

You can’t contact the Flikover customer support team either by calling or live chat. You can only contact them by Facebook chat. In an emergency, you need to ping their Facebook account and wait for an hour.

As a long-term customer, I faced the worst and most rude customer support.

What are the Tools Offered by Flikover?

As of 2023, Flikover offers 20 Individual tools, including Ahref, SEMRush, Grammarly, Word Ai, Canva, Moz, Pick monkey, and more. Each tool costs between 200 Rs to 2000 Rs.

2000 Rs? Yes am not kidding; Flikover Ahref costs 2000 INR per month; it’s India’s highest-priced Group SEO tool. Most top providers offer the same Ahref between 1000 Rs to 1500 Rs. It also offers a combo package which costs 1200 Rs without Ahref and 2500 Rs with Ahref.

Flikover SEO tools

Flikover Ahref vs Flikover Semrush! Which one is best?

Ahrefs and SEMrush are popular SEO tools that help bloggers and digital marketers with keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and more. Both tools have similar features, but there are some key differences to consider when choosing between the two.

Ahrefs is best known for its strong backlink analysis capabilities and ability to provide detailed information on a website’s backlink profile. It also has a large index of keywords and a keyword difficulty metric that can help you identify the best keywords to target.

SEMrush, on the other hand, is known for its robust keyword research features, including a keyword difficulty metric and a keyword magic tool that can help you generate a large list of related keywords. It also has a feature-rich site audit tool that can help you identify and fix technical SEO issues on your website.

Ultimately, the choice between Flikover Ahref and Flikover SEMrush will depend on your specific needs and which features are most important to you.

I used Flikover Ahref mostly to do my keyword research and competitors’ backlink research. But since Flikover increased the Ahref price, I recommend that everyone buy Flikover SEMrush.

Does Flikover offer a refund in case of a tool error?

No, Flikover never refunds the money if the tool doesn’t work. If you contact support and ask for a refund, you will get a rude response and tell us to read their policies.

Does Flikover provide a coupon code?

No, Flikover is a Group SEO tool Provider; it doesn’t offer any coupon code for both users and affiliate marketers.

Top 3 Flikover Alternatives

Since Flikover’s cost is too expensive, most startup bloggers prefer to buy alternatives. Here are my top 3 Flikover alternatives.

  1. SEO Tool Adda
  2. ToolzBuy
  3. SEO Tool Buy

Check my detailed review on six best group buy SEO tools in India.

Conclusion - Flikover Review:

In conclusion, it is not worth buying Group SEO tools from Flikover. Many more group SEO service providers offer the same service at an affordable cost. Thanks for reading my article; I hope you like my Flikover reviews; kindly comment and share this review with your friends.

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